Having a Will ensures that your estate can be distributed the way you wish.

Bellco Law can assist you in making a Will tailored to your individual needs. Our solicitors are skilled in preparing Wills for all types of estates, big or small.

To ensure your Will is legally enforceable a number of key requirements need to be met. In addition to these key requirements, important consideration also needs to be given to any life insurance or superannuation policies you may have.That is why it is important for your Will to be drafted by a solicitor with experience. Bellco Laws’ solicitors can explain to you what these key requirements are and help you formalise your wishes and ensure your intentions are realised.

Wills and Estate Planning

By making a Will you protect the ones you love and free them from any financial worry at a time of emotional stress and bereavement.

Our solicitors are skilled in preparing Wills for both large and small estates. We can make sure that your estate plan leaves nothing to chance and your intentions are clear, saving your family from needless financial and legal problems.

Unlike some law firms, we will not suggest you implement the most expensive Will just so we can charge a higher fee. What we do at Bellco Law is assess your situation and what you are wishing to do and then prescribe the right package. We give you options and explain the pro’s and con’s.

Our experience gives us an appreciation of both the importance of a Will and the emotions that arise when making one. Contact us now to discuss your next steps in organising your Will.

Deceased Estates and Trust Administration (Probate and Reseals)

When the time comes for your loved ones wishes to be carried out Bellco Law has the expertise to help and ensure the intentions expressed in the Will are carried out.

Why use Bellco Law?

Professional services are essential in administering your Will, especially in these times of increased litigation and contesting. Our experienced team of solicitors will ensure your estate administration is undertaken efficiently and effectively so that your Will is clearly and easily understood by everyone.

For any will, estate or trust administration contact Bellco Law.


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